Coherent Senior Economist Agustina Levy Speaks at Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

Coherent Senior Economist Agustina Levy recently spoke at the Diverse Economics: People, Perspectives, Careers (DivEc) Conference at the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond. Levy led breakout sessions titled “Economics in Practice” and “Careers in Economic Consulting”, discussing how economists’ personal experiences and perspectives have influenced their paths and the projects they have chosen.

The DivEc Conference provides undergraduate economics students with information on the range of career paths open to them and a forum to discuss the importance of having a variety of perspectives in the field of economics. The conference took place at the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond and was organized by the Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, the University of Richmond Robins School of Business, and Undergraduate Women in Economics (UWE).

Senior Economist Agustina Levy

Senior Economist Agustina Levy

Coherent to Sponsor 2019 Women in Litigation Joint CLE Conference

Coherent is proud to be a sponsor for the 2019 Women in Litigation Joint CLE Conference, to be held in Chicago on November 13-15th. The Conference will celebrate the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment, as well as women leading in the courtroom, in the judiciary, and in the legal profession. Highlights of the event include speaking panels, networking opportunities, and executive coaching sessions. Additional information and registration is available here.

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Coherent President Alan Frankel to Speak at Loyola Chicago Law Conference

Coherent President Dr. Alan Frankel will be speaking at the Conference on Consumer Finance Law Annual Consumer Financial Services Conference at the Loyola University Chicago School of Law this Thursday, May 30th. He will be participating in a panel discussion on developments in payment systems, including the Visa-MasterCard litigation and American Express Supreme Court opinion.


More information about the CCFL and the conference agenda can be found here:

Dr. Alan Frankel

Dr. Alan Frankel

Coherent Vice President Ann Hughes Publishes Article with ABA


Coherent Vice President Ann Hughes recently published an article titled “Documents Produced in Discovery That Can Inform an Assessment of Solvency” with the ABA’s Bankruptcy and Insolvency Litigation Committee. The article outlines which discovery documents can inform each of the 3 solvency assessments: the balance sheet test, the “ability to pay debts as they come due” test, and the minimum adequate capital test. These documents can be especially crucial for determining solvency contemporaneously for valuation dates between public filings or when public filings do not reflect facts known or knowable by relevant parties. The full article can be viewed here.