Laurel C. Van Allen




Laurel C. Van Allen, SENIOR Vice President

Laurel Van Allen leads Coherent's finance practice, and she has nearly 15 years of consulting and expert experience.  She is passionate about solving complex problems, and she helps her clients by offering sound advice, rigorous economic analysis, and expert support based on established theory and evidence.  She has addressed economic issues in a wide range of litigation and regulatory proceedings including disputed mergers & acquisitions, appraisal litigation, securities and ERISA litigation, patent disputes, breach of contract claims, price fixing allegations, and a broad range of matters stemming from the financial crisis.

Laurel has extensive experience consulting for both plaintiffs and defendants on securities matters, assessing market efficiency, causation, and damages.  She has also assisted clients involved in disputes involving mergers and acquisitions, as well as alleged breaches of fiduciary duty, by assessing economic evidence, sales process, management incentives, and valuation.  And she has consulted on a number of matters involving complex structured products such as RMBS and CDOs.

Laurel has assisted clients at all stages of litigation, from pre-litigation consulting work to analysis at the class certification, merits/liability, settlement and mediation negotiations, and trial stages.  Her experience covers a diverse array of industries.

Prior to joining Coherent Economics, Laurel was a Vice President at Compass Lexecon.  She received her M.A. in economics from the University of Chicago.